porsche maintenance, diagnose, performance upgrades

cars, porsche, repair, car parts           We are a complete service and repair facility committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to auto maintenance and repair.  Auto Strasse Corp. is equipped to cater to your car’s every need, from minor cosmetic repairs to major mechanical services.  We use only original equipment quality parts and warrant our work, both parts and labor, for a full 12 months.

           Your vehicle will receive a thorough inspection when you drop it off for service or repairs.  Detailing is also available by appointment.

Oil service- Oil service consists of:


  • Replacing Oil Filter or Filters, depending on Vehicle
  • Full Vehicle Inspection
  • Top off All Fluids
  • Inspect and Set Tire Pressure
  • Inspect for Oil and Other Leaks
  • Inspection of Belts
  • Use Porsche System Tester-2 to diagnose any potential problems in vehicle


Major Service- major service consists of:


  • Use Porsche System Tester-2 to diagnose any potential problems in vehicle
  • Inspect brake fluid (advise if replacement is necessary).
  • Inspect drive belt.
  • Inspect axel shafts (drive shafts).
  • Inspect coolant level and protection.  Add if necessary.
  • Inspect doors, hood and trunk for proper function.
  • Inspect tires and spare wheel for condition and correct air pressure.
  • Test drive and verify function of foot and parking brake, engine transmission, clutch, steering, speed control, heating and A/C.
  • Inspect clutch (manual transmission).
  • Fuel System: Inspect for damage, clearance, tightness of line connections.
  • Oil and Fluids: Visual inspection for leaks.
  • Parking Brake: Check for free travel of parking-brake lever.
  • Exhaust System: Check for leaks, damage and tightness.
  • Battery: Check and service as needed.
  • Inspect power steering fluid (add if necessary).
  • Vehicle Lighting: Check operation and service as needed.
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines (visual inspection).
  • Inspect cooling system (visually inspect hoses and radiator).
  • Check operation of all other electrical equipment, indicator and warning lights.
  • Inspect vehicle underside and engine compartment (visual inspection for leaks, chafing or damage).
  • Inspect wipers and washer system.
  • Inspect axle joints and ball joints for damage or wear.
  • Inspect seat belt system.
  • Tie Rods: Check play and dust boots.
  • Brake System: Visual inspection of pads and discs for wear.
  • Check that underbody paneling is secure and intact.
  • Horn: Check for operation.
  • Radiator and Air Inlets: Inspect for external debris or blockage.
  • Parking Brake: Check for free travel of parking brake.

Brake Flush

           We start off by emptying the brake fluid reservoir and if wax is present it will be cleaned.  Once this is complete, we hook up the pressure bleeder and bleed all calipers and the clutch slave if present.  Finally, we set the brake fluid level and test drive the vehicle to insure that there is proper brake operation.

           Here at Auto Strasse, servicing your Porsche is something We have been doing for over 30 years.  We focus on your car as if it were our own and give it the type of service a Porsche deserves!  We Pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations when in comes to making sure the performance of your Porsche is excellent.  So stop in and let us show you why Auto Strasse Corp. is the Leader in Porsche repair!


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